(Read Carefully Before attending Arthur Tai Chi online classes)


1. I know that online classes of Qi Gong and Martial Arts such as Tai Chi, Xing Yi, Ba Gua, Mantis Fist and other types of martial arts taught by Arthur Du can be a potentially hazardous activity and I agree that my participation in any of this activity is entirely voluntary. I know I should not enter this activity unless I am medically able to participate and by submitting the class registration online attest that I am medically fit to participate. I know that the hazards of all the activities listed above include, but are not limited to: falling; collision with others in your room; collision with fixed objects.

2. That in consideration of my participation in this program, I agree, on behalf of myself, my assigns, executors, and heirs, to release and hold harmless Xinsheng (Arthur) Du from any and all liability, damage, or claim of any nature whatsoever arising out of my participation.

3. I understand that Arthur may not provide any Accident or Medical Insurance and I have read and understood the terms of this Release and agree to all terms and conditions.

4. I further state that I am cognizant of the inherent dangers and risks, including paralysis and death associated with all types of Qi Gong and Martial Arts. Additionally, I am aware of the common dangers and risks of various means of transportation.

5.. I understand and agree that, if at any time, I feel anything to be UNSAFE, I will immediately take all precautions to avoid the unsafe area and REFUSE TO PARTICIPATE further.

6. I am of lawful age and legally competent to read and understand this waiver and release, and I have agreed on this document as my own free act

7. I hereby consent to any publicity, including the use of my name, likeness, photos, and videos, in connection with my participation at any Arthur’s classes.


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