In this section, we are showing Master Arthur’s free weekly online classes, the demonstration in Tai Chi, Xing Yi, Ba Gua, Praying Mantis, and Qigong. Want to learn more? Follow us on Facebook and Youtube (Arthur Tai Chi), take our free Saturday online classes on  Zoom/Facebook (click the link) or schedule a private lesson by contact 🙂 


  Yang Style 24 Form                                           Chen Style Tai Chi Performance at World Tai Chi Day           Chen Style Tai Chi Practice after the First Session

Yang Style Tai Chi 32 Sword Form

Chen Style Tai Chi Double Sabres Form

Chen Style Tai Chi Spear

Yang Style Tai Chi 42 Form

Chen Style Tai Chi Long Handle Broadsword

Push Hand Lesson

Xing Yi 12 Animal Form

Xing Yi 5 Elements

Xing Yi Walking Stick

Praying Mantis Form

Ba Gua Zhang Form

Ba Gua Dragon Sword

24 form Tai Chi Lesson 1: Preparation and Opening Forms

24 form Tai Chi Lesson 2: Footwork

Online Class 05/02: Qigong and Chen Tai Chi

24 Form Lesson 3: Part the Horse Mane

24 form Lesson 4: White Crane Spread its Wings

Chen Style Tai Chi (New Frame)

04/18 Online Class Part 1

04/18 Online Class Part 2

04/25 Online Class

Two Exercise Forms to Combat COVID-19

Why Lung is important to our body and COVID-19?

Finger Exercise with Arthur’s 82-year mom

Opening Ceremory Performance

Health Qigong

Health Qigong

Chen Tai Chi New Frame Part 1

Chen Tai Chi New Frame Part 2

Chen Tai Chi New Frame Part 3