Yang Style Tai Chi 24 Form Demo and Class Vidoes

  • In order to spread Tai Chi to more people in China and other countries, the Chinese government created two standard Yang Tai Chi forms for anyone to learn – 24 empty hand form and 32 sword form.
  • Normally, people need to finish the 24 forms within a time limit in a competition. When we practice by ourselves, we can stop at any move anytime to make sure we Chi/Qi stays down before we do the next move. Many times, we don’t even need to finish the entire form when practicing.
  • In the 24 demo video on the left, we spent 12 minutes but in reality, we can go as long as we want (one hour or more if needed 🙂 

In the section below, we have been recording the 24 form class video one form at a time. Watch and follow these videos to learn 24 forms if you are interested 🙂